Thursday, 1 March 2012



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Fits into the general format that you would expect from a girl band i.e. lots of costume changes, multiple locations, ‘sexy feel’ with the dancing, make-up and costumes. There isn’t a performance with microphones or a dance routine as you might expect with a girl band, but there is lip syncing throughout to show a link between music and visuals. Music and visuals is also shown through cuts being quicker during faster parts of the song, and also the use of split screens in time to the music. In our video we have an intertextual reference to Guns n roses in my scene where I’m wearing a guns and roses top. We chose to reference this to show our edgy, rocky side and our name and typography’s are influenced by Gun’s n Roses name and logo.

In certain parts of the song, visuals match the lyrics. For example, when it says ‘rough neck all around’ I put my hand on Joe’s neck. Also, Laura comes over to me as if we are talking when it says ‘a little conversation maybe.’ At points where it says ‘us’ it shows a shot of all four band members walking towards the screen. Generally our video fits into what you would expect from a girl band, as if we had of gone with a more random video, it may have been hard to identify us as a band, and get across our ideologies. Also, where we are a new band signed to a major record label, we need to be well established with lots of shots of our band members.

According to feedback it was easy to recognise a running theme  between my digipak and poster, mainly because of the red black and white colour scheme. Also, the link of roses in our video with my digipak and poster shows that they are the same band. The overall feel of my digipak and poster is quite edgy rather than pop, which links in with our costumes and urban settings. Digipaks and posters contain certain elements which help to portray your band’s images ideologies, and makes them recognisable. For example, photos of the band, a logo, colour scheme and record label.

I found feedback useful when making our video as sometimes when making something, you fail to see the positive sides of it. Feedback was very encouraging overall, and criticisms were only minor. Some people originally commented during our first feedback session that the storyline was unclear, and we have since changed our video in order to resolve this issue by putting in some more clips of Joe.

During research and planning, I used Blogger to document the information I had found out about other artists, other music videos and music video directors. I used google youtube and wikipedia to find out this information. To make things more visually appealing, I used powerpoint and prezi. In construction, we used a flip camera to film the footage. We used our mobile phones during the process, by using the internet for lyrics, and to listen to the song in order to lip-sync accurately. iTunes was also used to import the song onto Final cut Pro. We used final cut to edit our video. Photoshop was used to construct my digipak and promotional poster.

In the evaluation stage, we used social networks, such as twitter and facebook to gain feedback on our video. We also uploaded our video to Youtube in order to portray it to a public audience. We currently have 165 views.

Friday, 24 February 2012

This is the final version of my promotional advertisement. I changed the date on this one as I thought Valentines day would be more suitable.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


On the back of my digipak, I featured a website for our band entitled '' I thought it would be a nice idea to create a sample of what our homepage would look like if we were to actually create the website. I did this using Photoshop and below is what it looks like: